Pic of the Week

Behind the Scenes

Keep a sharp eye!!  You'll always find a different perspective if you're looking.  Although I was not the photographer they hired, I think this angle is more interesting & original than the orchestrated pose.. if it weren't for that pesky pro in the way  ;)

Still, he serves to tell the story of the record of a great day being recorded.

Pic of the Week

The Daily Grind

No matter where you live, there is something to capture that can tell a story almost all the time.  Living in New York City means that I am always riding the subway to and from work, to meet up with friends, or to go practically anywhere.  It becomes so mundane to repeat the same thing over and over again, making it easy to forget to stop and look around.  I mean, it's your story!  If you don't want to listen, who will??!!  So I remind everyone to take a few minutes throughout the routine and breath deeply; survey your scene.. with or without camera in hand.  I bet there's a story right in front of you.  Happy Shooting!