"From No to Nobody," A Reading Defined

Acclaimed theater director Oscar A. Mendoza and his, The Mush-Room Theater Company, begin work on his debut piece as a writer by bringing words alive in the talented cast's first live reading.


This breakthrough play titled From No to Nobody is a work of inspiration that hails it's influence from such greats as Richard Foreman, and Umberto Eco, staring Alenka Kraigher, Craig R. Anderson, Rob Brown, Mary Sheridan, Alexandra Rosner, and Brian Wask as the Voice. Mendoza creates a peculiar sense of isolation while playing with the notions of repetition and the concept of nothingness.  Through chaotic dialog and character confusion, this work attempts to describe the impossible, and in turn, defines the impossible as life.


Richard Foreman onFrom No to Nobody



"When I read it, I read it as just voices.. It's difficult to find the balance with the sort of eroticism of watching physical bodies speaking and doing things"


I had the distinct pleasure and honor of photographing the first live reading of this play and can honestly say that I cannot wait for it to launch.  Aside from being a dear friend, Oscar A. Mendoza is a brilliant and talented dramaturge, director, and now writer!  Stay tuned for more information as this project unfolds, and look for the up-and-coming crowdfunding event on the way!


Gallery from the Reading!