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Fito Perez

Hey there, my name is Fito Perez and I am a New York City based photographe, filmmaker, and editor working in all genres. I passionately enjoy every moment behind the camera.

In 2010 I went on a journey from Southern France across Northern Spain on foot ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camino_de_Santiago ) that opened my eyes to a greater world and an even greater reality.  The world is vast, diverse, chaotic, open, and ultimately beautiful.  I found the need to pick up a camera, document the wonders I saw along the way, and share them.  This awoke a desire to keep walking and capturing the beauty I see all around me every day and to pursue an education that brought these skills to greater heights.

I'm available for film shoots, events, video projects, portraits, food and restaurant, consultation, education, and all things in-between upon request.  All of the images on this site are also available for purchase on digital and printed formats.



Clients and Publications

Government of Galicia Tourism Board, Ruptly Media Group, Claro Sports, GAIA Hotel & Reserve, DSK Group, La Nacional Society, Alonso Realty, Centro Asturiano de Nueva York, Meson Sevilla Ltd., NYCRestaurant.com, Galician Cinema & Food Festival, Homesite Realty Inc., Beer Authority NYC, Delmonico's Kitchen, Luna Piena, ProChile USA, Warburg Realty, CS Gude Architecture

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